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Your smile says a lot about you!  A healthy bright smile helps us to connect with others and sends signals about who we are and how we’re feeling.  It’s key to our confidence and self-esteem, when both are good it feels like there’s nothing we can’t do!  Our smile impacts us at home, at work, as we socialize, its visible during every part of our day, it’s an indicator in all our spheres of influence.

The truth is that many of us would like to enhance our smile and experience more confidence and assurance.  At Birchfields Family Dental Care we can help you whether you want your teeth to appear healthier, whiter, straighter or even younger.

We have several cosmetic dental treatments available including dental implants, adult orthodontics, veneers, one-visit crowns and tooth whitening to restore and revive your smile.  These methods can be used together or individually, depending on the level of transformation required.
To upgrade your smile, schedule a fee smile consultation with our Treatment Manager who will be pleased to navigate you through the options available.  There are three different levels of consultation available to suit your needs.

New Patient Consultation

Initially you’re invited to a complimentary consultation with our Treatment Manager.  Before you decide to join Birchfields Family Dental Care you will want to take the opportunity to talk about your personal needs and how we can help you individually.  You will be able to meet our awesome team and take a look around our stunning new surgery.  You can feel comfortable to ask questions knowing we’ll be open to answering them all.

If you’ve already decided Birchfields Family Dental Care is the practice for you, make an appointment to come in to register and we will take you through a New Patient Assessment.  This covers our 10 point clinical checklist and will enable us to take a detailed dental history.  This is a great time to get to know your dentist and for them to learn all about you!  
For clients who are particularly interested in cosmetic dentistry or adult orthodontics we also offer a complimentary consultation specifically relating to these procedures.

Existing Patients - Refresh Assessments

Once you have become part of Birchfields Family Dental Care we usually like you to visit us twice a year for an oral examination.  During these visits our focus is on identifying potential issues and preventing them from becoming a problem.  We like to be proactive, your visits will be comprehensive clinical assessments, so much more than “just a check up”!  If we can spot problems early in their development we may even be able to prevent them totally.  Our ten point clinical check gives you confidence that taking the best possible care with your oral health and will stop preventable problems and reduce unnecessary costs.

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